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A free 3-day global summit designed to celebrate and empower women who throw the rule book out the window and follow their dreams
April 23-25  2019  
There Has Never Been a Better Time To Own All Of Who You Are
We have witnessed genius women who stood at the forefront of rebellion and creativity...
Grace Hopper, who invented a translator for computer codes in 1944.
Ellen Taeffe Zwilich, the first female composer to win the Pulitzer Prize for music.
Maira Telkes, the chemist who built the first solar electric generator.
Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison, known for her literary masterpieces.
And Ann Tsukamoto, who figured out how to isolate human stem cells.
All of these women have one thing in common with you: the ability to follow their heart in the midst of the world telling them to do something different.
The ability to follow your heart when the whole world tells you differently isn’t limited to ONE type of person. 
It’s not just some luxury reserved for people with high self-esteem and a band of supporters.
And it’s not that some people have an innate advantage over others. 
The secret? 
ANYONE can do what they truly want to do. 
All you have to do is say yes to YOU (and ignore the rest)
 Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself...Never let self-doubt hold you captive. You are worthy of all that you dream of and hope for.” 

― Roy T. Bennett
So what would you do if you were guaranteed to succeed?
We all have something we DREAM of. It’s that one thing we’d do if nothing else in the world mattered. The one thing we’d do if we could silence all of the “what ifs.” 
The one thing we’d do if we knew we couldn’t fail.
There’s never been a better time to follow your dreams. The ones you've thought about since you can remember
So instead of saying “I wish,” 
or “I should have,” 
or “I was afraid...”

It’s time for you to say “I am the girl who follows her dreams”, 
“I am strong”, 
and “I’m doing this NOW.”

It’s time to join the ranks of women who are geniuses at living their best lives.
A free 3-day global summit designed to celebrate and empower women who throw the rule book out the window and follow their dreams
We’re offering a live virtual summit —streaming online so you can watch anywhere!—designed to empower women who want to live life on their terms, pursue their passions, and embrace their truth. 

It’s for women who feel the spark of designing life on their terms, and are ready to do something about it; for women who are tired of pleasing everyone else; for women who know they are meant for something more. (And it’s for the men who want to support them, too!).
Our geniuses include top achieving women from around the world who rebelled against what was 
"normal" to design life and find happiness on their own terms
"I believe our truth in this physical life is to BE and live happily"
Jacqueline Pirtle, Switzerland / Washington DC
"I am on a mission to inspire women to create a soul-filled life that is full of purpose, passion and peacefulness"
Brittney Carmichael, Texas / Iceland
" I believe every person not only has the ability but also the duty to succeed in pursuing the work they feel called to do"
Candice Thomas, New Mexico
"I am on a mission to help women let go of the baggage they carry and go beyond society norms and their own limiting stories"
Lissette LaRue, Dominican Republic
"I believe confidence is such a huge thing in life, in business, in relationships…
This is what helps you shine. Impact. Influence."
Fabienne Raphael, Canada
"I believe in giving your health the importance it deserves to fuel your dreams."
Kelly Morgan, Ph.D., Washington DC
"I am passionately dedicated to advancing the way we respond to change, challenge and adversity."
Lyena Strelkoff, California
"My life-long passion is helping women find their voice and happiness"
Dalila Jusic-LaBerge, California / Bosnia
"I believe in a mindful way to love, respect and celebrate your body."
Otakara Klettke, Czech Republic
"I Believe the next wave of innovation will not happen on
 a technological level, but a mental one."
Lilly Beyond, Austria
"I truly believe that you can have your cake, and eat it too"
Genicca Whitney, Canada / Philippines
"I am on a mission to help you break free from societal expectations to start living
 life on YOUR terms"
Kendra Araujo, Mexico
We're calling on unique women like YOU.
• You have unique dreams that set you apart from the rest (and we’ll show you how to define them).
• You want to live your life your way (and not how your mom says).
• You are ready to step into your true rebel self (even if you've been people pleasing as a sport).
• You dream about being free to do what your heart wants (even if you aren't sure what that is yet: find true love, change careers, travel the world...).

... and you don't want another day to go by thinking "what if"
Believe it or not, you are ready to face your fears and design your life on your own terms.

All you have to do is get started. (And we can't wait to help you get going!)

The best part?
This isn't a gimmick.
You don't have to pay a dime. 
And you don’t even have to get out of your chair!
All you have to do is say YES and we’ll do the rest.
The first step begins when you do.
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In each interview, you’ll learn key ways to crack the code and transform your insecurities and fears into strength — and design your life around your passions and your truth. You’ll have access to all the interviews — but you can pick and choose which ones best meet your need
Hosted By:
Self-proclaimed "rebel and free”, Kendra Araujo wrote the book 'Mom is NOT always right' and founded Rebel Lifestyle Design to empower girls in their 20s and 30's to follow their dreams, even if they go against their family's expectations.

After fulfilling her lifelong dream of traveling the world and visiting over 35 countries, Kendra realized a lot of women stop themselves from going after what they truly want for fear of "what will people say". She decided to rebel and leave her successful interior design firm to help as many women as possible pursue and achieve their dreams like she had achieved hers, without worrying about being criticized.  
She has now taken this mission globally as a workshop facilitator, speaker and podcast host, helping hundreds of women get closer to their dream life by following her step by step process. 
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Get a Warm welcome to this summit by our amazing Host Kendra, 
and learn how to make the most out of this event, how to download 
all your freebies, and how to start applying what you learn TODAY. 
Watch this first! :) 
AUTHENTICITY with Brittney Carmichael
Learn how to become your most authentic self, and stop settling for a "just ok" life 
by listening to Brittney's life-changing story that started with an unfortunate accident
and a simple question. You also will get access to an amazing video series as a gift
 from Brit herself! 
LIVING YOUR TRUTH with Candice Thomas
In this interview Candice shares how she went from feeling unfulfilled, unhappy 
and resentful after following everyone's idea of success, to discover her hidden power
and stepping fully into her truth becoming the happier version of herself we see today...
and you'll be able to download a powerful meditation from her! 
KNOW YOUR WORTH with Genicca Whitney
Genicca left everything she knew behind to look for a better life on the other side of her country,
she faced painful obstacles, people taking advantage of her and more until she owned up to 
her worth and found what she was looking for. She shares with you a powerful resource to help you realize your own worth! 
FINDING TRUE LOVE with Dalila Jusic-LaBerge
Dalila was like a lot of us, trying so hard to be liked and putting on masks to find love, but when she
thought she had found what she was looking for with her first husband, she realized she wasn't happy.
That divorce started her on a journey that would end with her showing up as her true self and
finding the right person that loved her, just as she is. She is giving access to all attendees to her 
life-changing Self Love Course! 
LET GO OF YOUR BAGGAGE  with Lissette LaRue
Learn how unresolved issues from her childhood had Lissette living in addiction, denial 
and overachieving external successes trying to fill a void, and how she life forced her to face 
herself and heal from the inside to be able to do the work she loves and live her ideal lifestyle.
You'll get the opportunity to download a meditation from Lissette to help you take the first step
 towards letting go of baggage! 
FACE YOUR FEARS  with Fabienne Raphael
Fabienne went from being a successful athlete, to pursuing her coaching passion
only to be faced with her own fears as they started bubbling up the minute she decided
to step outside of her comfort zone. Listen to her story and how she was able to take 
every step necessary to succeed! She will also be sharing a powerful resource to help you
accomplish any goal you set for yourself! 
Lilly spent the better part of a decade helping other people follow their passions, only to
realize that not enough women were doing it and, when it came to stepping outside of their
comfort zone, they were not giving themselves the credit they deserved. So she made it her
mission to help others overcome their limiting beliefs and go after the things they truly wanted!
...and you'll get to do an easy and helpful self-reflection quiz!  
"DANCE" WITH YOUR 'DRAGON' with Lyena Strelkoff
While on the air, falling from the top of a three, a fall that would paralyze her from the waist
down, Lyena realized that her life was only just beginning and she set out to live it to the fullest
and instead of becoming the "victim" she learned to dance with her challenge and reinvented herself.
You will also get an opportunity to schedule an unheard of 1-on-1 call with her! 
Eating disorder survival, Kelly Morgan quickly realize that when we get pursuing our dreams,
we put our health in the back burner, when she gained an excessive amount of weight while
studying for her PhD. Listen to this interview as she shares how she is now able to make self 
care a priority, no matter how busy her schedule is! She is sharing a powerful workbook to help
accomplish your own health goals! 
BE AND LIVE HAPPY with Jacqueline Pirtle
Jacqueline cracked down the method to finding happiness in every moment of our lives, and it all
started when she was a young girl in school who needed a "protective bubble". Listen to how she CHOOSES to BE and live happy, no matter what is going on in the world around her. You'll be able to download her entire book "365 Days of Happiness" as a gift! 
LOVING YOUR BODY with Otakara Klettke
Kara dreamed of nothing but travels, but was always sick as a child and could never really experience
life, other than through books. That is when she realized the power of listening to her body, loving the microorganisms that make it up and willing it to not get sick when she finally managed to take her first trip abroad. She is providing you with a power meditation that goes hand in hand with learning to love your body.
As our summit comes to an end, our hostess shares her own story of going against societal expectations since she was 14 years old, the struggles she had to overcome, and how it has led 
her to travel the world, have the wedding of her dreams, and live a life she only fantasied about. 
It all started the moment she decided to say "no" to her mom's expectations and instead followed 
her heart. 

She will be sharing with you the next steps to take and how to start living life on your terms NOW. (Don't miss this recap AND next steps! )
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Is this the right event for me?
While She is a Genius is geared towards women who want to transform their life into one THEY love, we also welcome anyone who wants to learn from expert women geniuses. 

Seriously, EVERYONE. 

That’s the beauty of a virtual summit. We don’t have a limited seat cap, we don’t care what you wear, and there are zero travel expenses. It only matters that you are learning, growing, and doing!

Enjoy it solo or with a group,

This is YOUR event.
Do I need to attend the live interviews?
As long as you are registered for the event, you will have access to all interviews for 48hrs beyond the event date. Registrants in all time zones are welcome! We hope to see you there!
What if my loved ones don't support my dreams?
You are magical and incredible simply by having those dreams, and daring to be different.

The truth is that sometimes the people closest to us don't understand what we are trying to achieve. It's ok. The geniuses at this event will share how it was ok for them as well.

You have to trust yourself, and trust that your loved ones need your awesomeness. Our best advice is to be yourself, pursue your passions...and inspire the people around you to do the same.
Seriously though, my dreams seem crazy right now...
The more reason to come join this awesome tribe of geniuses! You'll learn how these incredible women were open to being who they truly are inside, and used that to build their best lives.
"I Wish I Could..."
Have you said this recently?
Or maybe you thought “I could never do that” while watching other women do the things you dream of.
We’re here to show you how you can.
Sometimes it’s just a gut feeling. 
Something that hits you before you go to sleep or first thing in the morning.
You find yourself losing focus, distracted by the thoughts of what you could be doing.
These are usually good indicators you are ready.
Let’s say that one more time.

You are ready.
Ready to transform a dream into a very tangible reality.
Ready to give life breath to ideas on paper.
Ready to say “I did that.”

So join us alongside tens of thousands of fellow aspiring rebels. 
Join us and together we’ll say, “let’s do this!”
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One of a Kind Event
A unique event that brings together top achieving women from around the world, to share their experiences in following their dreams, after rebelling against external expectations and their own (very loud) inner critic.
Top Influencers
These hand-picked geniuses will share their story like never before, the ups and downs, and will give you access to their best resources to help you rebel against what is holding you back from living your best and most authentic and fulfilled life
Transform Your Life
Learn how you too can break the rules, follow your dreams and achieve the level of happiness your deserve without self-sabotaging yourself on every step.
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